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Dear Friends and supporters of the Stechlin-Institut we are wishing you a wonderful-exiting and happy 2019!

… and the killer: our LAN is twice as fast. 



The ground starts to give, the forest gets louder, and soon everything out here will be green again. Initiatives have been invited, and many indeed want to come. For May already the house is almost booked out. There still are enough free spots in the warm season, though, so gladly pass on the word: We are happy to receive applications from both artists and non-profits for 3-10 day stays.

Our Jour-Fixe was killed by the frost last year. This standstill offered time to beauty operate a bit and to take care of SEBASTIAN, HERWART & XAVIER’s remains (a large oak, a smaller one, and one of the two larches met the knife). For that, Marco and his Wood-Mizer came to visit…

Warm invitation to the Stechlin-Spring-Subbotnik Friday April 13 (noon) to Sunday April 15 (5pm) Winter is over. Time to get some dirt under our fingernails, blow into the ground to sprout, be out in air and light. We are looking forward to a great weekend with you, and – whoever feels like it – also to getting some work done together! House and garden are getting their spring cleaning. We will bring back to life our old neighbor Herr Liebchen’s vegetable garden, chop wood, prune trees, and build a fence. All of this of course includes an orgiastic camp fire! Feel like joining? Just let us know to reserve a place to sleep.


Freed from ice

The Stechlin-Institut was on winterly intermission, also our Jour-Fixe was frozen. Stechlin remained under a Sibirian permafrost. Peter the Great heroically spent months finely grinding the loft. And now, the final stretch: Just five weeks until the first initiative arrives… Our local flock of birds is calling out a spring that still plays coy. More soon!  

Stechlin-Dialoge 2018: Short term scholarships for non-profit-organizations and artists at the Stechlin-Institut 

The Stechlin-Institut activates the social potential of artistic thinking. It enables experiences in which curiosity, art and society get linked, in order to encourage social commitment with unusual perspectives. We offer a place without prejudice, a house full of perspectives, to give space to artists and people with initiative, where they can exchange, reflect, and develop in the serenity of nature. The former Prussian mansion of Neuroofen provides the setting for that. It lies 80km north of Berlin, right in the middle of the forest and near the crystal clear Lake Stechlin. We invite you to spend time here – and can’t wait for great encounters! When: 2-10 days from April till November 2018 Who: Teams of non-profit organizations and charitable initiatives, social entrepreneurs, people with social commitment; artists and artist groups who deal with the social potential of their work; we can house up to 15 people comfortably; if you are more than that just get in touch, so that we may try coordinating your stay according to your spatial needs. You are welcome to visit both in teams or as individual guests. Where: At the Stechlin-Institut, north of Berlin in the forests of Brandenburg near Lake Stechlin; reached easily with public transportation; not yet barrier-free. How: Just get in touch at or 033 082 40 29 73. What: The Stechlin-Institut offers the possibility for a focussed work stay, either individually or with your team. Specifically, we provide you with a place, so that you reach a self-imposed goal. A place for encounters, ideal for dealing with your own questions, recharging your batteries, getting inspired together, hopping into crystal clear lakes, and spending whole nights gazing at the stars. The spacious house is equipped with a kitchen, bathrooms, beds, wifi, and all kinds of things you may need. There are herbs in the fields, a bakery truck in the village, in the neighboring village there is Frank’s eco farm where you can harvest your veggies yourselves, in the forest there are berries, herbs, and mushrooms, by the lake a fisherman, and for venison a forester. Additionally to staying here, you will enter an alumni network informing of future support programs and inviting to network meetings. Our vision: We are convinced of the power of artistic thinking and social commitment. To think outside the box and question supposedly unshakeable matters are a necessity and resource for positive social change. Because of that, we invite you to spend this season together in Stechlin. Costs: Your contribution to the costs, depending on the duration of your stay and your budget, amounts to 12-17 Euro per person and day. (Watch out: Reservations can only be cancelled up until four weeks ahead of arrival.) Bring a friend: If you want to come here together with a partner organization, we think that cherishing your exchange is so important that we will lower your contribution by 2 Euro per person per day. download Call for Initiatives download Application for Initiatives  


Is there a program? No. We provide you with a place so that you may reach a self-imposed goal while you’re here. Every participant brings their own creative competence with them. We are convinced: everybody is able to use their time well without expectations and requirements, in an unobtrusive and supportive community and sensitive setting. Of course there are so many things to do here: from cooking, swimming, hiking, biking, and sailing to gathering berries, herbs, and mushrooms, and chopping wood. This is the foundation for asking you to shape your own stay. The place allows for retreat and encounter – the community offers motivation and perspective. Are we expected to apply with a collaborative project we want to do with the artist/the initiative who will be there with us? No. On the contrary. There will be no other request than to arrive. We hope that you can use your stay to work on what you are really excited about in your own work. Artists and initiatives live together in the same house, meet each other during the daily chores and meals, follow their self-imposed schedules, maybe exchange knowledge and inspire each other, but how far this encounter goes absolutely depends on the situation and you. If we don’t know for sure yet when we could come, is it ok to write to you later on spontaneously? Yes. Definitely. If there is space when you want to visit, you will be very welcome. May we also come with more than 15 people? Yes. If you are more than that, you can camp in the house or, during the summer, in the fields around the house, but you will have to bring sleeping bags and other equipment yourselves. May we also attend if we are not organized legally? Yes. Absolutely. What counts is your commitment. Is the Stechlin-Institut a luxury hotel? You can see many stars above the Stechlin-Institut. More than anywhere else in Germany. Apart from that, there are three toilets, two showers, many beds and mattresses, and the walls are adorned with naked plaster. You can move your beds freely around the house. Most rooms are spacious and open – this means, there are no single or double rooms. The dining table fits everyone easily, the fireside room overflows with couches, and tiled fireplaces serve to make the house very cozy. Around the house lies a huge field of grass with fruit trees giving shade in the summer. How is the digital connection? There is a broadband wifi connection installed in the house, but mobile reception sucks. Calling works in designated areas outside. Is food supplied as part of the scholarship? No. But there are local producers all around. The Faradgang initiative from Berlin fixed a bunch of bikes for the Institut which you can use to explore the area and go on food hunts. To the Stechlin eco farmers, fishermen, foresters, supermarkets, bakers, or bee-keepers…

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